Candid Wedding Photographer

The Best Candid Wedding Photographer in Your Budget

Occasionally I get these phone-calls from prospective clients who tell me that they want the “Best” candid wedding photography and after giving me a bullet list of events, have only two questions – How much do you charge? and What all is included in this price?
Quite frankly, it sounds like someone buying a washing machine!!

Traditionally wedding photography has only served two purposes – a documentary evidence of the wedding and an attendance register so you know who turned up. The features vs. price mentality serves this mindset.
But if you expect a more personal approach and a story that evokes emotion and makes you relive your big day, then you need to hire an artist. Consider this – photography is one of the very few tangible takeaways from a wedding.

This article will give you a better perspective on how to find the right photographer and some tips to be able to afford them.

Take an example – When you buy clothes for yourself, you don’t ask the salesman for the best shirt. You buy what suits your taste, matches your sensibilities and is the best FOR YOU. This is exactly how you hire artists.

Ask them the right questions – about their perspective, their priorities, their style and their USP. Only then can you be certain that you’re booking a photographer who’s the right fit for you.

Always remember that the best photographer for one person could easily be the worst choice for someone else.

Assuming you’ve found the photographer you like the most, here are 3 simple ways to be able to afford them –

  1. Hire the right photographer, even if it means trimming the list of events
    Top artists are expensive because their work is sophisticated, exclusive and highly personalized. However, most of them are quite affordable if you change your perspective and requirements. For e.g. A lot of my clients working with a smaller budget choose to hire me only for the wedding ceremony (and the complimentary couple shoot) and are very happy with the final delivery. It all boils down to quality versus quantity and how important photography is for you. Most good photographers will help you figure out the events where their photography is the right fit and would be happy to work with you if you can adjust your requirements accordingly.
    You can always have inexpensive traditional photographers or your friends shooting the other events.
  2. Ask for referrals
    Yes, it’s possible that you still might not be able to afford the photographer you really wanted. However, most photographers know other photographers with a similar shooting style. They also work with second-shooters whom they usually train & guide and every good-hearted photographer would want their second-shooters to start shooting independently.
    What you need to do is to simply ask for a referral. Be upfront and let them know your budget so that they only refer someone relevant.

I hope this article has been helpful in putting things in perspective.

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