Indian Wedding Photography

Candid Wedding Photography in India

Indian weddings are known for their style, tradition and magnificence. They are the colorful mixture of customs , rituals ,colors ,joy ,family and emotions and  a bundle of lots of valuable moments. Capturing those precious moments, the way you enjoyed , the way you felt- is not an easy task. Each wedding photo should able to seize the true feelings and the mood of the weddings. This is what the candid wedding photography in India is concerning about.

In the past few years, the candid wedding photography in India have become more demanding as couples want more from a normal wedding-they don’t want traditional, normal photographs- instead want to capture the real emotions of couples as well as the guests. Thus the Candid wedding photography in India is an emerging trend as it creates beautiful wedding stories without lining up the people in front of the camera. If you are looking at thousands of pictures of your wedding and want to choose what pictures you want to edit, then the Candid photographers are right for you.

Candid wedding photography in India has a very high scope because of diverse traditions and customs of Indian weddings . Every different state has a different set of traditions and culture. It is important that even the little details should be captured the way it was. Thus it is assured that Candid photography in India has a scope for  explorative and creative photographs.

Usually an Indian wedding extends up to a minimum of three days. Within, there are a lots of beautiful ceremonies and each moment is beloved. But every time posing for a photo may be an interruption and sometimes those photos might not have a life. This is another reason that Candid wedding photography in India gets too much attention now a days. A candid wedding photography is all about capturing the little details that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Candid wedding photography in India is the most creative and flexible in terms of budgets, hours and working styles.

Let it be a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian wedding, the customs and traditions followed by each religion in  wedding  is different , thus  a desperate sphere of Candids are possible. Consider a North Indian Hindu wedding, there are many pre-wedding and post-wedding ceremonies in North Indian weddings. Sagaayi, Mehandi, Sangeet, Haldi, Wedding, Vidaayi are the main events. Thus the North Indian Candid wedding photography always gives the most amazing photos that covering the lavish  rituals of North Indian Hindu weddings. When it comes to a Muslim wedding, the rituals which are a unique blend of traditional Islamic customs as well as adapting the pre-existing rituals of the multi-cultural Indian sub-continent. The main ceremonies includes Mangni, Manjha, Mehandi, Baarat, Nikah, Rukhsat. All these ceremonies gives an astonishing glimpse over Candid wedding photography in India.

Indian wedding are celestial and capturing all those Candid moments, with all the emotional highs and backstage drama is in style. It should not miss any of the significant moment of the wedding  event and for portraying all those  emotions  Candid wedding photography in India is a must.

On your big day, let the Candids tell a true love story.